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2020: Year of the Woman

Year of the Woman

In the 2010s we saw the return of feminism’s fourth wave, the rise of the #metoo movement and an entirely new discussion of women in leadership after nearly electing our first female president. Now, at the beginning of a new decade, and with the 100th anniversary of the official ratification of women’s right to vote this year, 2020 is officially the Year of the Woman. As a woman-owned and women-led organization, we’re marking this important anniversary by highlighting the women we admire every week for the whole of 2020. From the makers and crafters, the shakers and movers, to the community leaders and organizers, join us every Wednesday to celebrate the incredible women on our radar.

December 2020

Tiffany Turner

We’re wrapping things up with a shoutout to one of our own. Tiffany Turner is our fearless leader, an inspiration to all of us, and has been a source of tremendous strength, encouragement, and kindness through a challenging year.

Tiff loves fostering connections with her staff, her community, and travelers from near and far. If you’re into authentic places, creative revitalization, and remain open to new ideas and experiences, you’ll have lots to talk about with her.

This year was supposed to go differently for all of us. Yet, Tiffany managed to grow Adrift Hospitality, show up for her community, and keep on track opening our newest property, Bowline Hotel in Astoria, Oregon.

You want Tiff on your team in the best of times, but this year wasn’t that. Her generosity and love for her people make Tiffany Turner a rock we all were grateful to have in 2020.

Valerie Roth

We’re celebrating Valerie Roth from Mind Your Manna, a woman-owned and operated company based out of Portland, Oregon.

With a burning desire to live a more purposeful life, in 2014 Valerie Roth made the bold move to go back to school, start her career over, and pursue her passion: Holistic nutrition. Surrounded by unfamiliar foods, exciting ideas, and inventive ways to heal with natural ingredients, Valerie’s ideas for an accessible line of all-natural wellness tonics began to brew.

Travel is part of a healthy, active lifestyle for Valerie and Adrift makes her heart swell every time she visits. We couldn’t be happier to offer MYM products at our properties!

Landmass Wines

Meet Melaney Schmidt and Malia Myers from Landmass Wines.

We’re excited to share their story as part of a series of posts highlighting women-owned and operated businesses we admire.

Working in small restaurants, Melaney always enjoyed sharing excitement about food, cocktails, and wine. Malia worked in coffee before getting into the wine world and loves how taste can become a common language about the things we eat and drink.

To both of them, wine is this wonderfully seasonal thing that reacts to everything that is happening in the air, water, and soil that nurtures it.

Melaney and Malia view winemaking as the ultimate challenge and insane target practice to make the most amazing wine possible every year.

While they take the science and expertise necessary to produce wine very seriously, it’s important to both of them that their wines are attainable and inviting to anyone who likes bright, playful wines.

At Adrift, we’re big fans of their stunning sparkling wine.

Grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Washington’s Columbia Valley, we couldn’t be happier to partner with Landmass Wines as ambassadors of PNW craft and dedication.


Today, we’re crushing on Firelands Workers United / Trabajadores Unidos, an organization dedicated to building multiracial working-class power in rural battleground counties in Washington State. Through voter registration, surveys and events, Firelands is working towards a just economy for people and the planet and aims to bring transformational change to poverty, climate change, immigrant rights, and more.

Founded by Patty Flores and Stina Janssen, Firelands brings much-needed change to our community. Patty is a Mexican immigrant who came in search of the “American Dream” in her 20s. Now, she is the mother of two incredible children who motivate her to fight, defend, and organize working-class people who, like her, have been minimized, forgotten and for whom our rights are not enforced. She joined Firelands to leave to her children an example of struggle and personal perseverance, and for those who seek a better life and who seek to no longer be denigrated for our social class, race, or gender. She is a woman, she is a Latina, she is a dreamer.

Stina comes from five generations of strong women and working people who dug coal, farmed, fished, worked in the woods, and taught in small-town schools in rural Washington State. As an organizer for over 17 years, Stina has supported hundreds of working-class leaders to claim their power, develop their organizing chops, and lead campaigns to change policy. Living in rural Grays Harbor County, Stina and her partner experienced housing crises and spurred to action out of necessity, Stina recruited volunteers to doorknock with a deep listening canvass. In hundreds of survey conversations about the cost of living and Green New Deal proposals, the team identified working people with a strong “fire in the belly” and hunger to organize for dignity, jobs, and a healthy future. These people came together and formed Firelands Workers United/Trabajadores Unidos. From its early seeds to today, Stina has co-built Firelands with passion and strategic clarity. She is proud to be part of the staff team building a robust, multiracial rural worker-led organization in partnership with local, state, and national groups.

November 2020

Charlotta Bass

Happy #womancrushwednesday! This week we are crushing on Charlotta Bass, a civil rights activist and the first Black woman to be nominated for VP in the United States. In the early 1900s, Charlotta worked at and eventually took ownership and operations of California newspaper The Eagle, making her the first Black woman to own a newspaper. Bass used The Eagle to highlight important issues facing the Black community during the 30s and 40s and was also involved with the NAACP and UNIA. In 1952 Charlotta Bass was nominated as the Progressive Party candidate for Vice President of the United States, her slogan was “Win or Lose, We Win by Raising the Issues” Charlotta continued her involvement in community activism until her death in 1969. See all of our Woman Crush Wednesdays in celebration of the Year of the Woman, linked in bio.

October 2020

Front of House - Chandy

Meet Chandy! She’s our day shift lead @pickledfishrestaurant and loves food and traveling. At work, she gets to hear where people are visiting from; and she enjoys being a small part of our guest’s vacation. When traveling herself, she goes out and discovers new food and great places to eat.

She appreciates that @adrifthospitality gives her the flexibility to be there for her granddaughter and her Coast Guard family. Long Beach’s tight-knit community is home to her and we’re lucky to have her be such a passionate advocate of good, healthy food we get to serve here.

Truant Leather - Kylie

This Woman Crush Wednesday we are crushing on Kylie from @truant.co!

Her beautiful leatherwork is on our bags so we wanted to tell her a bit about her: After working many hospitality jobs and traveling the west coast, Kylie came back to where she was raised, Wahkiakum County. Here she started handcrafting fine leather goods. The Washington and Oregon coast inspires her style and rugged materials built to last. She recently teamed up with @wheelerbagco for an Adrift collab and we’re delighted to bring you totes and fanny packs. When she’s not working in her studio, Kylie loves surfing and getting into the elements.

Laura Meza

Laura has been part of the Long Beach Peninsula community her entire life after her parents immigrated here. Laura says growing up here while her parents were learning the language and culture was the biggest blessing but also really hard. Back then not a whole lot of people looked like her or openly spoke a different language. Her parents worked countless jobs to make ends meet. Laura briefly moved away from Long Beach but found herself drawn back to her family and the fresh ocean air. She says that “It’s the biggest blessing to be able to live where I grew up and better yet, live comfortably, it makes my parent’s struggles so worth it. Here is family, here is nature, here is growth, because wow my peninsula and I have grown together these past years, so much so. The peninsula resembles resilience and that is what I want my babies to know and to be, resilient.”

For the past 4 years, Laura has worked at Craft3, a nonprofit community lender that Adrift Hospitality has close ties to. Craft3 helped fund our flagship property @adrifthotel when it was in its early stages and we are now so happy to be partnering with them again on our newest project, @bowline.hotel.

PS you may notice Laura and her family in some of the photos on our websites, they have been great sports about modeling for us in the past and Laura’s husband Juan has also worked in various roles in our hotels and restaurants!

September 2020

Crystie and Finnriver Cider

We’re celebrating Crystie from @Finnriver in this week’s #wcw.

After a 15 year career as an educator, she and her husband purchased an organic blueberry farm along a small salmon stream south of Port Townsend. For the last 16 years, she has been working with her partners and crew to grow Finnriver into a vibrant enterprise that showcases how rural economic development, ecological restoration and organic agriculture can all converge and thrive. Finnriver Farm & Cidery now employs a fabulous crew, distributes award-winning farmcrafted hard cider to 12 states and has a 50 acre destination orchard, cider garden and community gathering place in Chimacum. Finnriver’s farm and orchard are protected by permanent conservation easements, are certified organic and salmon safe and the company is also a Certified @BCorporation— joining the global movement to make business a force for good.

Dolores Huerta

This #womancrushwednesday we celebrate Dolores Huerta!

Without her labor and civil rights work, we would be a less fair and less equal society. Born in rural New Mexico, Dolores Huerta’s father was a union activist, and her mother ran a hotel. Her mother’s community activism is what spurred her to become a feminist and community organizer. As co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association she fought for living wages for those who grow our food. From disability insurance to collective bargaining rights, Huerta was at the forefront of many labor achievements in her career.

At 89 she is still working as an advocate for the working poor, women, and children. Dolores is a true #shero!

Housekeeping - Letty

Happy #womancrushwednesday! This week we’re crushing on one of our amazing housekeepers, Letty!

Letty started working at Adrift Hotel in December and says that unlike some jobs she’s had, she adores coming into work each day and working with her great crew. When she’s not working she loves spending time “with her best friend” her 16-year-old son ❤️

Thanks for all of your hard work and incredible, positive energy Letty!

August 2020

Author and Historian - Sydney Stevens

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday! This week we’re crushing on local writer and historian, Sydney Stevens. Members of her family have lived in Oysterville, on the north end of the Peninsula, since its founding in 1854. She has written numerous books on area history and local legends and is currently working on the second installment of “Ghost Stories of the Long Beach Peninsula” which includes a few of our own ghosts at @Shelburnehotel. If you’re not reading her blog, sydneyofoysterville.com, then you really don’t have a clue what’s happening around town! Thanks Sydney for all you do to preserve the history and charm that is this quaint little corner of the world of ours.

Youth Cohort - Rachel

Happy #womancrushwednesday! This week we’re crushing on one of our youth cohort members, Rachel!

She’s been working as a housekeeper at @adrifthotel for over a year. Her favorite part about the job is how she is friends with all of her coworkers. This fall she’ll be Junior in high school and when not work likes to play volleyball and spend time with her dog.

Thanks for being wonderful Rachel!

Front Desk - Dusty

If you’re a long time visitor of ours or @innatdiscoverycoastthen you’ll be very familiar with our #womancrushwednesday this week, the wonderful Dusty! Dusty started working at the Inn 16 years ago and is our longest serving employee. She started in house keeping and at the front desk and moved into management of housekeeping for a time, but eventually realized that she loved interacting with guests at the front desk so much that that’s where you’ll find her today.
There are plenty of guests who say Dusty is one of the reasons they keep coming back. “I have loved meeting guests from all over the world. I have been here since the beginning, so it’s pretty cool that I get to tell Tiffany and Brady’s story and the story of all of our properties. Tiffany and Brady are one of the main reasons I still work here after 16 years. They make it feel like a family and not just a job.”
Thanks Dusty for all of your years of dedication! We love you! ❤️

Francis Ellen Watkins Harper

Happy #WomensEqualityDay and #WomanCrushWednesday! 2020 marks 100 years since women won the right to vote and we’ve been celebrating that all year long with our weekly highlight of women, whether someone local, on staff or from history.
This week we’re crushing on a hero of the Women’s suffrage movement, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper. While Black women and women of color were integral to women’s suffrage and fighting for votes for women, they faced extreme racism even from women fighting the same fight. Frances was a poet, author, lecturer and the first African American woman to publish a short story. She was also an influential suffragist, abolitionist and reformer who co-founded the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs. Harper was tireless in her efforts to have Black women included in the suffrage movement and toured the country for years speaking on the issue. She, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 86 in 1911, and thus never got to experience voting, something she fought her entire life for. To Frances and all of the unsung heroes who knew that voting = power, we honor you by casting our ballots! VOTE!

July 2020


It’s Woman Crush Wednesday again! This week we’re crushing on all the staff over at our favorite bakery in town, the famously classic Cottage Bakery. They’ve also announced some exciting news in the last few weeks… new ownership after almost 50 years! We couldn’t be more excited for our friends and new owners Jeff and Casey Harrell and Mark and Lindy Swain to take on this community giant. Here’s to many more years of maple bars and apple fritters!

Youth Cohort Crush - Josie

 We’re crushing on one of our youth cohort members today, Josie!

She’s been with Adrift in the housekeeping department since this winter. She’ll be a senior this coming school year and she likes to play soccer and spend time with her family ❤️ Thanks for being a wonderful part of the team Josie! To see all of our #wcw‘s in celebration of The Year of The Woman, check out the link in bio.


This week we’re crushing on a historical woman integral to the history of our area and the Lewis and Clark Expedition which greatly shaped the future of our country; Sacagawea. While reliable historical information about Sacagawea is limited, what we seem to know is that she was a part of the Lemhi Soshone or Agaidika, a tribe located around the Idaho/Montana border. At 12, she was kidnapped in a battle with the Hidatsa and eventually sold into marriage with Toussaint Charbonneau, a trapper from Quebec. In the winter of 1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition hired Charbonneau to guide them, mostly because they knew his wife Sacagawea, spoke Soshone, something they knew would come in handy on their trip. Sacagawea was just 16 and pregnant with her first child who was born that February. She was integral throughout the expedition not only interpreting and guiding the group thousands of miles, but also helping to arrange trades for horses and supplies and at one point, saving Lewis and Clark’s infamous journals from being sunk in a river. And all this while carrying an infant safely along the entire journey. See all of our Woman Crush Wednesdays in celebration of the Year of the Woman, link in bio.

Dee Dee - Shelburne Hotel Guest Services

For those of you who have been long time lovers of @shelburnehotel, you’ll be familiar with our #WomanCrushWednesday this week, Dee Dee! She has been a key member of the Shelburne team for ten years, starting a few hrs a week doing server tip outs and moving up to former owner Laurie’s Executive Assistant! “The Shelburne has a way of drawing you in. I love the interaction with the guests… I love to hear the guests talk about their adventures and what brings them to the Shelburne. History of the building is always a high point. I enjoy the staff I work with. We take a lot of pride in what we do to keep the Shelburne one of the best historical places in the State!” Thanks Dee Dee for all you do to keep the Shelburne running and for making memories for countless visitors over the years. She’s pictured here with her kids. 💕 💕 💕 To see all of our #wcw‘s in celebration of 2020 as the Year of the Woman, visit the link in our bio.

June 2020


Happy Woman Crush Wednesday! This week we’re turning the camera around and highlighting… me (the Boss made me)! I’m Madeline Moore and I joined the Adrift Hospitality team in January as Social Media Manager… and boy, what a crazy time to switch careers from private chef/bakery owner to social media! On top of momming hard to a two- year old, I also run @rethinkingrural, an organization dedicated to the next generation of rural community leadership. I grew up on the Long Beach Peninsula, just like the owners of Adrift Hospitality, and we’re all dedicated to keeping our rural communities thriving and relevant for generations to come!
Photo of me (on the left), one of my favorite local Queens Daylight, Adrift Hospitality’s Director of Revenue Kacia, and three of my favorite little girls walking in our local Pride Parade last year.


This week, in honor of Pride, we’re crushing on Ernestine Eckstein who helped steer the LGBTQ rights movements of the 1960s. Her work in the Civil Rights Movement gave her valuable experience in public protest that helped guide her leadership in the Gay Rights movement. In the 70s she was involved with Black Women Organized for Action (BWOA). Eckstein said of her sexual orientation, “this was a kind of blank that had never been filled by anything – until after I cam to New York… I didn’t know the term gay! And he [a gay male friend from Indiana who was living in New York] explained it to me. Then all of a sudden things began to click… the next thing on the agenda was to find a way of being in the homosexual movement.” Thanks and love to Ernestine and others who’ve been left out of the history books for paving the way to a more equitable and just world… we’ve still go so much work to do. Happy Pride to all of our LGBTQ friends and family. The celebrations may look differently this year, but the love still abounds.


This week for #womancrushwednesday we’re crushing on one of our Youth Cohort members and 2020 graduating Senior Nisa! Nisa plans to attend Clatsop Community College in the fall. Her hope is to be there for 2 years before transferring to a larger University to finish her degree in Accounting. This will be Nisa’s third summer with Adrift Hospitality. Like any teenager she enjoys hanging with friends, hiking trails, and playing with her not so little puppy Bruno. Congrats on graduating Nisa! We’re all very proud of you!


We’re crushing on local farmers every day, but for today’s Woman Crush Wednesday we’re shouting it out to Farmer Deb of Willapa Bay Heritage Farms. Currently in the distillery, Farmer Deb’s rhubarb is being juiced into our pretty in pink Rhubarb + Elderflower Liqueur. We’re so lucky to live in such a bountiful place and we give thanks to all of our foragers and farmers who make it possible. Deb pictured here with two of her six goats, Meg and Susanna. 

May 2020


In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re crushing on the Grandma’s of the Adrift Hospitality Family… Pat Turner, left, and Debbie Oakes, right, on owner’s Tiffany and Brady’s wedding day (fun fact: Brady and Tiffany are high school sweethearts and they got married at Shelburne Hotel!). These moms are at the heart of what has made this undertaking a successful reality. Happy Mother’s Day Pat and Debbie and to all the grandmas, moms, aunts, and fairy godmothers who’ve made our lives better. 


We’re shouting it out this week to our front of house managers at [pickled fish] and Shelburne Pub, Victoria and Stacey. They’ve worked hard to get us back up and running for takeout and delivery after our closures. 


This week we’re crushing on the wonderful Marsh Sisters! Alayna, Sophia, and Alyssa, are all members of the second year of our youth cohort. Being a part of our youth cohort gives young adult employees the opportunity to earn extra money to apply to college and trade school after high school. Cohort members can also get the opportunity to intern with Adrift Hospitality and Alayna did a wonderful job as our first marketing intern last year! The sisters are shown here at Sophia’s Senior Prom, thrown by their parents at home.


 We’re throwing it way back today and crushing on Rebecca Lee Crumpler, the first African American to become a Doctor in the United States, back in 1864. In 1860 in the United States, there were around 54,000 physicians, only 300 of which were women, and none of which were African Americans. Crumpler studied at the New England Female Medical College and after graduating, practiced medicine primarily for poor women and children in Boston. She later published a book focused on maternal and pediatric care which was one of the first books on medicine written by an African American. Thanks to all our present and past medical caregivers who have given so much for the health of our communities. Our #WCW series is part of celebrating 2020 as the Year of the Woman

April 2020


For our historical #WCW this month, we’re crushing on a nurse who changed the way hospitals work and changed the profession of nursing: Florence Nightingale. As a nurse during the Crimean War, Nightingale pushed sanitation, cleanliness and training of nurses, leading to nursing becoming a reputable and professional profession. She also wrote a book about the management of hospitals and nursing which is still in print today. A huge thanks to all of our incredible healthcare professionals, past and present, who are on the front lines of this battle. 


Our #AdriftCrush for March is our Guest Services Manager Connie! Connie was promoted shortly before the crazy hit the fan and has been integral in keeping the ship afloat during our closure by handling never ending phone calls and cancellations. And she has continued to give amazing customer service and friendliness even in these trying times. 


In these times, we wanted to highlight our amazing providers, nurses, and staff over at our local Ocean Beach Hospital and Medical Clinics. Even in normal times, as a rural community we are beyond blessed to have a hospital and clinics staffed with these beautiful souls. The current crisis makes their work so much more poignant. THANK YOU for all you do and will continue to do for our community. And to Everyone in the medical community, thank you for the sacrifices you are making to fight this battle.


Happy 50th Earth Day from all of us at Adrift! Being right on the shores of the mighty Pacific makes Mother Earth’s beauty and bounty a daily sight for us and we’re so grateful for that. We hope you’ll take a moment and think about ways you can adapt your daily routine to make it more earth friendly or head outside and get your hands deep in some dirt. As a BCorp who strives for a balance of people and planet and profit, we’re always looking for new ways to make our footprint smaller and to create change in meaningful ways. 

March 2020


A woman owned and run distillery in Portland, Freeland Spirits was launched in December 2017 by owner Jill Kuehler and head distiller Molly Troupe. Their spirits are crafted in small, handmade batches in a traditional copper pot still. Their new line includes Gin, Bourbon, Geneva Gin, and canned Gin and Rose Tonics. 


Our #AdriftCrush for March is our COO Beck Blasko! In this month of riding the Covid-19 crazy train, Beck along with the rest of our admin team, has had to make some tough decisions to keep the ship afloat. Her sense of calm and kindness has made this time more bearable for all of us. 


Co-owner of North Jetty Brewing in Seaview, Michelle’s brewing experience started with the beginning of North Jetty in 2012. Since then she’s seen more women get involved in the brewing industry, get more recognition, and make some amazing beers, Michelle is also a member of the Pink Boots society, an organization of women in the beer industry that offers camaraderie, education, and scholarships. 

February 2020


The perfect combo for celebrating the month of love! Located in the Willamette Valley, Brickhouse became certified Organic in 1990 and began practicing Biodynamic farming in the early 2000s. Master chocolatier and Frans Chocolates founder, Fran Bigelow opened her first confectionary shop in 1982 and has been credited for sparking the artisan chocolate renaissance in the United States. 


Our #AdriftCrush for February is Angela and Dany! Angela and Dany both work at Adrift Hospitality in our housekeeping department, and are mother and daughter! 


Meet the Three Wood Sisters, three sisters that have been thrust into documenting a story they never wanted to tell, after their niece and daughter Dylan was diagnosed with DIPG, an aggressive and deadly childhood brain cancer. We hope you’ll follow along with #teamdylan and support them in this journey.


This February, both Black History and LGBTQ history month (UK), we’re celebrating an incredible Queen who lived fearlessly at a time of great prosecution for queer people, and especially queer people of color. Despite long periods of homelessness and survival sex work, she modelled for Andy Warhol, made huge strides as an activist and initiated the Stonewall Uprising.

January 2020


Brew Dr. crafts authentic, organic, 100% raw kombucha. As a fellow B corp, Brew Dr. is committing to better choices for people, communities, and our planet. Brew Dr. donates 1% of all revenue to non-profits who work to benefit communities. All Brew Dr. kombucha is organic, 100% raw, non-gmo and gluten free, and it’s safe for all ages to enjoy! We’re doing daily tasting in the Adrift Lobby for guests to enjoy! Pickled Fish will also have Brew Dr. Kombucha on tap throughout January.

Melissa @ Roots

Melissa Cutting is owner and operator of Roots in Ilwaco, a healthy drive-through serving the peninsula communtiy with fresh food and encouraging healthy habits. We love her for being a wellness leader, a lovely person and a friend to pups and pigs!

Michelle Obama

As first lady, Obama served as a role model for women and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity, and healthy eating.

Adrift Therapists

We’re lucky to work with amazing wellness experts – bodyworkers, masseuses and beauty technicians – at our Adrift Spa. Say hello to Stacie (pictured) and Raven, Jackie and Diana!