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#AdriftCareers Case Study: Emma Fauver

When you step into our Long Beach lobby, depending on the time of day you’ll be greeted by a smile accompanied by an array of color. Emma is the Guest Services Assistant Manager for Adrift Hotel, and with her local knowledge you’ll want to befriend her during your next coastal vacation.

Starting as a guest concierge in August 2020, Emma didn’t think that she would have grown into a leadership role as she was typically shy and reserved. But, as she exceeded expectations (including her own), she grew into the shift lead in May 2021 and became the guest services assistant manager in June 2022. Emma stated that her growing success is due in part to her trust in herself and her team, and that she really enjoys some of the new projects that are happening across our properties.

When asked about advice for new employees, Emma points towards connecting with coworkers to ease any stress:

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself, there are good people who will support you here!”

In her free time, Emma loves babysitting her nieces and nephew, playing golf and laser tag, and experimenting with hair, makeup, and clothes design. In the future, she hopes to start wedding dress and nails designs.

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