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Brooke Nesbitt HR Director

#AdriftCareers Case Study: Brooke Nesbitt

Brooke was just 15 when she started working at Inn at Discovery Coast, in the “early days” of Adrift Hospitality when it was just the Inn. She cleaned rooms, answered phones, did laundry, and whatever else was needed. 15-year old Brooke wouldn’t have guessed that her path would lead her to work in all departments, and at all properties of the ever growing company, even serving at both restaurants, eventually becoming Human Resources Manager.

In January 2020, Brooke took the reins as Human Resources Manager. Moving into that position shortly before a global pandemic rocked the world and the hospitality industry. It hasn’t been easy. It’s forced her to learn on her feet and adapt quickly as things can change daily.

“It’s been fun getting to know people in this company in a different way and a different side of people than just as friends. I enjoy being able to see them in a professional light.”


While Brooke enjoys her new career as HR Manager she reminisces about the “simpler days” of working at the Inn. “Those were really good times.”

Brooke Nesbitt HR Director Adrift Hospitality

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