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#AdriftCareers Case Study: Ethan Bannister

Ethan started his Adrift journey  after graduating from high school four years ago, in the summer of 2017, working at the Adrift Hotel front desk during evenings and working at the Chinook Port during the day as a maintenance worker. He initially worked seasonally, and after two years quit his day job and became the Night Shift Lead in summer 2019. He worked during summer, winter, and spring breaks, until COVID began in March 2020.

When our hotels shut down from April to mid-May in 2020, Ethan was working hard responding to guests’ & vendors calls, then upon reopening he became the Shift Lead at Adrift Hotel, working to alleviate issues & admin duties. He also worked at night doing maintenance for Adrift Hotel, the Inn at Discovery Coast, Shelburne Hotel, and Boardwalk Cottages.

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Ethan got his promotion to Oregon Operations Assistant Manager in Spring 2021, and, after completing his training at Ashore Hotel, began working at Bowline Hotel and helped the opening and subsequent months run smoothly. After becoming comfortable in the role, Ethan states that:

“…my prior experiences at Adrift [Hotel] have helped me prepare for this managerial role. I had to learn on my own as the overnight operations person, and it helped me be more independent and be able to lead a team… because I took on the leadership responsibilities before the title, it helped me feel more comfortable with the new property and responsibilities”.

In his free time, when he’s not working or in school, Ethan enjoys listening to comedy podcasts, spending time with his friends and family, and golfing & pickleball in the summer.

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