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#AdriftCareers Case Study: Alejandra Mendez

Alejandra Mendez; from housekeeping to bakery.

When Alejandra first joined Adrift, she was working in the housekeeping department. Three years later, she’s a full-time baker.

[blockquote author=”Alejandra Mendez, Baker”]On the day of my annual review, I was asked my areas of interest, I said I was interested in the bakery. A few weeks later a position opened up and I began training part time. Now I’m a full time Baker.[/blockquote]

Alejandra began her career in the housekeeping department. An avid baker outside of work, as well as mother of two, Alejandra expressed interest in her annual review in learning more about the bakery department.  A position opened up, and soon enough she was baking full-time, and apprenticing under the Head Baker.

[blockquote author=”Alejandra Mendez, Baker”]There have been many wonderful changes during my time with Adrift. The addition of the Distillery and the Shelburne Hotel has been exciting, but being here at the time of achieving B Corp Status is definitely the most exciting change! The Adrift is a good company that treats its employees very well. I’m really happy to be part of it.[/blockquote]

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