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Plan a Trip from Seattle to Long Beach, Washington

All Roads Lead to the Beach:

Seattle to Long Beach Edition

Planning a trip to the coast from Seattle? Don’t wait until you get to Long Beach to start having some fun! Here are some of our favorite places to stop along the way to shake out those legs or grab a snack. 

Fingers crossed you make it out of Seattle and past JBLM without getting stuck in traffic. Once you’re through that it’s smooth sailing for the coast! But maybe you did get stuck and have a little one in tow. Consider stopping at the Olympia Hand’s on Children’s Museum! Let them burn some energy before you get in the car for the last 2.5 hrs. If you’re lucky, they’ll be so worn out they’ll take a nap! 

Just before you hit the town of Artic (literally don’t blink or you’ll miss it), you’ll see Clark’s Restaurant in Cosmopolis right on the main hwy. Swing in for one of their famous burgers, or just grab a quick cone with their homemade ice cream! They also currently have a drive up window! 

Once you hit Raymond and South Bend the smell of sea air is just around the bay! If you need a little extra boost to get you there. Swing into Elixir Coffee Shop for a coffee, treat, or sandwich to get you the last leg of the journey!

When you start seeing the piles of oyster shells, you know you’re getting close! Swing into Goose Point Oyster Co. and grab a couple dz oysters to shuck out on the beach during sunset tonight. *onsite Oystery currently closed due to Covid but check back regularly for updates*

As you drive along the road that winds around Willapa Bay and through parts of Willapa Wildlife Refuge, soak up the beautiful scenery and views of Long Island. If you want more info about taking a day trip over to Long Island (only accessible by boat), stop into the Refuge’s headquarters. They’ve also got an Art Trail onsite. Ask about the hike at Teal Slough where you can see a few remnants of an old growth forest. 

As you’re coming onto the Long Beach Peninsula, swing into the Long Beach Visitor’s Bureau to get all of the latest on things to do in the area. 

You made it! Sit back, relax, pour yourself a glass of something and enjoy your vacation. Or if you need ideas on what to do next, check out our 48 hrs in Long Beach blog

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