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B Corp Month

B Corp Month

We’re coming up on our one year anniversary as a B corporation! And our B-birthday just happens to coincide with national B corp month. We’re celebrating for the whole of March, along with the rest of the ethical business community, by sharing what matters to us about being a B corp.  

What is B corp month?

B Corp Month is a time for our global B corp community to join together to build awareness and educate consumers about living their values through their purchases and choices.

Why does B corp month matter?

Certified B Corps are leading the way in using business as a force for good. We want to share with you our favorite businesses who are making a real difference in the world, and why it matters to us that we do the same.

Vote Every Day

Your everyday choices do matter, and they do make a difference! By supporting businesses who align with your values, your collective power extends well beyond election day. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see who we’re celebrating this March.