Clam digging Long Beach

Can Ya Dig It? It’s Razor Clam Season!

Clam Season starts October 8th!

For many Long Beach Peninsula locals, Fall is the best time of year at the beach. Everything starts to slow back down, town is less crowded, the woods start to fill up with delicious treasures, and it also means, the beginning of razor clam season! We’ve got clam digging equipment now available to rent for guests at Adrift Hotel + Spa. Never dug a clam before? Have no fear, keep reading for all the info to get you started.

First thing’s first… Safety!

The beach is a dynamic and sometimes dangerous place. Never turn your back to the ocean, even for a moment, and if you have kids, never let them out of arms reach and stay well out of reach of the water. You never know when a sneaker wave will catch you off guard. Many digs in the Fall and Winter happen in the dark, it may be best to leave kids at home for these digs as it can be hard to keep track of them when you’re managing a lantern and your clam shovel!

Approved Clam Tides

Clamming can only occur on approved clam tides. These can change, so always check to make sure a planned tide is still approved. To stay up to date on approved tides, visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website for more info.

razor clam long beach peninsula
Clam digging Long Beach

Up Your Skills!

Check out the Long Beach Visitor’s Bureau website for great tips on how to be safe during clam digging and a great video on how to dig. Now you should be all set! Get out there and get digging!