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Boardwalk Cottages

Introducing: Boardwalk Cottages, Long Beach, Washington

Introducing… Boardwalk Cottages

We’re delighted to announce a fabulous addition to our growing portfolio of singular, coastal properties in the Pacific Northwest; Boardwalk Cottages in Long Beach, Washington. This particular property has a special significance for us, because Boardwalk Cottages is where the story of Adrift Hospitality began, when a young Brady Turner and his family moved to the Long Beach peninsula. We sat down with our co-founder and designer extraordinaire Brady Turner to learn more.

boardwalk cottages

When and why did your family move to the peninsula? My parents and I moved to the Peninsula when I was 12. My oldest brother was in college and had just married his high school sweetheart and my other brother had just graduated from high school. My parents had always dreamt of owning a small inn by the ocean, and they followed that dream.

What did you do at Boardwalk Cottages as a teenager? Whatever was needed! I helped them put the rooms together when we moved here, I cleaned toilets and vacuumed rooms. As I got older, I helped in the office, which was attached to our house AND I was always helping with laundry.

Studio bedroom
boardwalk cottages

How did this kindle the idea for Inn at Discovery Coast? I loved the life that my parents had built for themselves. I loved the entrepreneurial style of how they lived, and I love to be creative. I always feel like I knew I would do something creative and own my own business. When Tiffany and I moved back after college, I realized that I could create a new experience that wasn’t available on the Peninsula in an industry that I knew so well.

What changes have you made to Boardwalk Cottages aesthetically? Nothing yet. The changes will be gentle. We’re going to standardize and upgrade the furniture. We’ll paint everything in the beachy style that my mom loves so much. We’re going to accentuate the great parts of the cottages. Ultimately, the layout of the cottages won’t change, we’re just going to upgrade the aesthetic.

Fireplace in living area

What makes Boardwalk Cottages unique from the rest of the Adrift Hospitality portfolio? Boardwalk Cottages adds a property that allows for extended stays with kitchenettes and small kitchens and it gives guests a little more space. It’s great for families. While it is still really close to the beach, it’s in a great location to be in the middle of all of the family fun that Long Beach has to offer.

Boardwalk Cottages is a group of self-contained units with unique amenities in each property, including spa tubs, kitchens and fireplaces. Available for booking now!